C.H.L.A.A.T 2017

Combined Hydro Logic Advanced Agriculture Technologies / Dan Goldstein, Yehonatan Issahary and Omri Gonen edited by Angela Zinn 2017

Executive summery

C.H.L.A.A.T is the brain-child of more than 10 years of operational experience in Cambodia and 30 years of agricultural and systems design experience by its founders.

C.H.L.A.A.T. is a specialised program that is currently unmatched within the Cambodian agricultural landscape and that holds immense potential for growth and expansion; economically and socially.

This unique and tailored program combines the latest innovation in irrigation technology and agronomic developments with local knowledge and talent to create a more sustainable agricultural sector in Cambodia. We believe that by combining technology and modern farming practices we can assist local farmers in exponentially increasing their yield for sale. This means that local farmers enjoy greater income and thus higher quality of life.

The Shared vision

Operating within a precarious and unregulated market, we believe that ethical business conduct can have positive social impact but and provide for sustainable financial growth for the company and for the farmers we work with.

We are committed to fair and ethical business management that is socially responsible.

We believe that using the latest and most innovative technology in irrigation and agronomics can bring about positive, sustainable and ongoing socio-economic growth for farmers and their communities while maintaining ongoing company profitability. We will do this by becoming leading export force in Cambodia that purchases produce from our contract farmer, thus ensuring sustainability.

About the program

In Cambodia today, agricultural production is the main income source for about 75% of the country. Industrialising this sector to ensure better quality and quantity of product is key to economic growth and improved living standards of agricultural workers.

Industrialisation of the agricultural sector will open the path to rural development. As farmers grow and earn more the immediate effects on families and communities can be meaningful. Our services provide the link between farmers and agricultural development that enhances productivity and quality of life through the use of training and technology.

℗ Cambodia, Kartie province, 2012.

Our Solution

C.H.L.A.A.T offers a holistic agricultural solution that will have great social and economic implications for farmers and for Cambodia. Our program service will increase farmers yield in a sustainable and educated manner that will eliminate environmental challenges and help alleviate some social difficulties faced by farmers and their communities.

The irrigation technology is simple and effective. With the correct training, provided by us, farmers will be able to easily and powerfully increase their yield and better their circumstances. Our program can help ensure food security and local jobs that will enhance the process of rural development currently being undertaken by other institutions and organisations.

We know that in order to face the challenges of rural farming, local and targeted solutions must be created to meet the challenges of each region, crop and farmer. Our program allows for this specificity in partnership with other organisations that share our aim for sustainable and responsible rural development.