hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil. The method uses nutrient-infused water instead of soil, which makes for a more effective and low-maintenance growing experience in any environment. Hydroponics uses up to 80% less water than traditional agricultural practices and there is no need for weeding.

80% Less water usage

Less use of fertilizer

Space saving

Accelerated growing times

Automated watering

No dirt = No weeds

Higher nutritional content

Industrial Hydroponic farm

All around the year production,
high volume of organic (optional)
vegetables, fruits, and herbal supply.

Social and environmental Impact

In this project we set up the requested farm according to the customer’s requirement.
A hydroponic farm can be set up from above the roof of a building, thus providing the residents of the building with healthy and green food, while saving electricity costs, to a mega-industrial farm which will be able to provide healthy food for the nearest supermarket chain.