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‘Your Impact’’s mission is to deal with a wide range of social, environmental and economic challenges of rural development, by consulting, planing and implementing sustainable projects. We provide a perfect turnkey solutions for the project needs and build in accordance of the required system and operation.   

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We provide a perfect turnkey solutions for the project needs and build in accordance of the required system and operation. The services are provided by top exports using high-tech alongside to deep understanding of the in-ground ingredients to lead successful production and prosperity

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“Sustainability is made by productivity and profit for society and environment as one”

We Provide Everything required for a non Stressed and successful Project

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Impact Investments

investments in the effective and profitable making of a product, which will benefit the environment, society, and the local political system. The impact investment method has four main components. First, profit from the venture alongside return on investment. Second, the introduction of innovative technology that will produce better quality and quantity. Third, 'desire to do good' - to assist the population, the environment, and systems of government to political progress and the regulation of sectoral trade with legitimate tools that are 'on the table'. All this in accordance with the United Nations Development Goals 2015 (SDG’s) and fourth, the design of control and measurement systems of all changes - both economic and normative, to which the project is aimed.

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social and environmental impact

The Cambodian cassava experience: Cassava was brought to SE Asia during the third quarter of the 20th century and was spread by military and hi rank officers who made business from abroad, convincing/forcing poor villagers to except usury loans and embrace this crop for growing and trending. The villagers who are lucking any agronomic knowhow using seasonal irrigation method and have no experience growing cassava didn’t managed to meet the challenge. The result for cassava trade is devastating in terms of grey or black trade across the value chain, increasing poverty, child labor, exploitation of natural minerals in the soil and the necessity to increase the area of the field through slashing and burning the natural forest. Due to historical interventions as described, the villagers withdraw their former traditional practices of survival and trade which made their leaving, they became dependent on this unproductive crop. C.H.L.A.A.T. is a rural development program designed and implemented in Cambodia with the collaboration of civil local organizations, NGOs, and official entities. It is a specialized program that is currently unmatched within the Cambodian agricultural landscape and that holds immense potential for growth and expansion; economically and socially. This unique and tailored program combines the latest innovation in irrigation technology and agronomic developments with local knowledge and talent to create a more sustainable agricultural sector in Cambodia. by combining technology and modern farming practices we can assist local farmers in exponentially increasing their yield for sale. This means that local farmers enjoy a greater income and thus higher quality of life. © C.H.L.A.A.T. Goldstein Dan, Issahary Yehonatan, Gonen Omri, and Gross Yotam, edited by Zinn Angela, Combined Hydro Logic Advanced Agriculture Technologies, B web design, Cambodia, first edition 2015.

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Project Design

A camel is a horse designed by a committee
To ensure the required outcomes we draw a 3-deamination strategic plan, designed with deep understanding of economic needs opportunities, technological solutions, and the financial fusibility. Our in-house expert holds vast experience with Business research and development, Budget planning, GIS mapping, water engineering.

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